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Spring Update    


Many shareholders have now transferred their shares into the new Magic Faithful Club. The club offers members a means to contribute capital to the future betterment of Magic Mountain's operations and services. Club members also receive benefits, such as yearly discounts on season passes for their one-time membership fee of $3,000. Members have direct approval of capital projects proposed by Magic Mountain, thereby having a concrete role in the future direction of Magic.


Members of the club will have the discretion and right to establish whatever hierarchy they deem appropriate for the administration of the club. There will be an agent to administer the bank account and fund transfers. Beyond that, the club’s administration could be in the form of elected officers or, in the alternative, each membership (formerly known as a share) could have a vote on each proposal via e-balloting. Whatever the members choose, the mountain will provide assistance in coordinating the establishment of the new entity and, if necessary, help conduct elections. The intent is for the mountain to be able to submit proposals in late spring for projects to be completed this summer.


New members to the Magic Faithful Club are welcome at any time. If you are interested in learning more and becoming a deeper part of the Magic community by means of capital contributions and associated benefits, please contact Jim Sullivan at Thank you!





Magic Faithful Club Membership
Creation of Club and Allocation of Funds

The goal of the Magic Faithful Club is to provide a means for Magic's skier and rider community to contribute to the sustainability of Magic's unique place in Vermont's ski culture through capital improvements aimed at continuing to improve the reliability, availability and quality of its ski product without changing the character, culture and natural environment of the mountain.


Many past shareholders have opted to roll-over their investment into the club. Magic Mountain Management will prioritize capital improvements for the summer and come to the club membership with specific capital projects, and all costs associated to complete them, for approval of funding. The club members will then vote based on their contribution level on whether to approve such projects and the disbursement of funds. The club is a totally separate and distinct entity from Magic Mountain and therefore retains 100% control of project authorization. Once funds are distributed for the project, Magic Mountain has full control of project execution and will provide a full accountability of fund use at project completion to the club.

Becoming a new member of the Club!

A one-time $3000 membership contribution provides yearly 20% discounts on season pass for the adult club member and a 50% discount a Junior Pass for the member's children ages 7-12 for each club membership purchased (Must purchase passes by October of each year). A free Magic Card is available to members for daily discounts on lift tickets. Members also have the right of first refusal for purchasing the new seasonal locker storage space in the lodge. Further rewards/benefits may be granted to members over time at the discretion of Magic Mountain management. Those who contribute $12,000 or more to the Club get on-going free season passes for the member.


 If you are interested in joining the club and contributing capital for Magic's future and receiving the associated benefits, please contact Jim Sullivan at