Alpine Updates
Date: 12/4/14 Volume No: 10
Issue: 2

Alpine Update 12/4/14


Hello fellow Magicians! The greatest time of year is almost upon us, holiday season? No even better, snow season! Some of us already have been busy on the work bench waxing and tuning, with the thought of flying down Talisman; or letting out our powder hoots and hollers with our best friends down Black Line in all of its majesty.

               This off season has been busy to say the least. All over the mountain we have been going through a transitional period, and the team we have here at the mountain has melded together in a way that you can only find at Magic. Hard work has been at the forefront of each day, out on the hill and inside the offices.

               Our mountain ops team has managed to tame the trails to a level unseen here for some time. The trails are all primed and ready for snow, mowed and clean just asking for a fresh blanket of white. Our glading project has been a labor love for a few seasons now and is coming to fruition. The woods here are clean and inviting for newcomers as well as the freeride team who has been growing into a dominant force across New England. The Red Chair saw many new upgrades from last season, from a rebuilt motor and a complete overhaul of the bull-wheel and drive train, to work on the shiv trains. Red is running well and ready to bring each of us to new memories with each ride to the top.

               Black Chair too, also has undergone substantial repairs and maintenance. As part of its annual analysis, the State had some requirements that we are working through. Initially the state wanted us to replace all of the grips. We then hired a Vermont & New Hampshire professional engineer who specializes in ski lifts. He determined the problem was not the grips; it was how the chair was banging against and binding on the rub rail surrounding the lower drive terminal. With that information a variance is being sought to allow continued use of the grips and chair lift, conditioned upon the rub rail problem being fixed; which has been accomplished. Travis and Matt Cote, on several occasions in weather more suited to snowmaking than lift repair, cut down, reshaped, and remounted the rub rail. Many thanks go out to those two for the efforts they have put in this fall. As of Thursday 11/20 we had the lift operating at full speed with the state inspector present and all agree the binding problem had been fixed. The lift operates noticeably smoother. The next step entails the inspector and professional engineer riding the lift to confirm that the work satisfies their requirements and to determine if we need to replace the bull wheel liner, and the timing for that project. From there we will meet again with the Tramway Board to see if they will grant the required variance.

               Our inside team has been doing a great job at the trade shows and would like to extend a big thanks to everyone who was able to make it out and say hi. Albany and Boston were great stops for Magic and we made many new friends across New England in our travels. The support we receive at these shows confirms that people believe in Magic, and in particular the style and spirit of our special mountain. We’ve locked in some really exciting new events for this season to make everyone’s experience each weekend full of fun, we look forward to seeing everyone in Vermont.

               Season passes will be on sale, so if you have not done so, please stop by the office and make your pass purchase or you can easily do so online at  The new pass printer is here, we will be printing out everyone’s passes beginning 12/13/14. If you would like to use last year’s pass picture e-mail Pre-printing it will alleviate having to wait in line and missing precious early season turns. Snowmaking is just around the corner and all the revenues this time of year are helpful in order to give our snow-makers as much “fire power” as possible early on. The goal is to fire up the guns in early December and blow snow at every opportunity with an eye toward opening on December 20th. Order your season passes online ASAP to make the effort count!

In closing, we cannot wait to kick of the 2014-15 season. Magic holds something special to all of us old and new to the mountain. Together again with your family of winter warriors, knowing that you have chosen a place once thought lost to the growing fold of corporate skiing fluff, we make our journey to Magic for love, challenge and exhilaration not found anywhere else. Being a part of this mountain and its family is unique, the memories made and the memories to come are what make us Magic.



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