Alpine Updates
Date: FEB 9, 2016 Volume No: 28
Issue: 4.92

We are open Presidents' Week 

02/12/2016 - 02/21/2016

Alakazam Tube Park open Fri-Sat 11-8, Sun-Thu 11-4. 

The the Novice Lift and the Red Chair are open.

Open trails include Sunshine corner which means an EASY WAY DOWN from top to bottom. The lower part of Wand and Hocus Pocus are open as well as "Trick to Showoff." (Upper Magic Carpet to Trick to Wand to Showoff.)

Red Line Cafeteria is open 7:30am - 4pm 02/12 - 02/21
Black Line Tavern kitchen is open: Sun-Thu, 11:30am - 7pm. Fri-Sat, 11:30am - 9pm. 
Check our Events Calendar for Entertainment at Black Line Tavern. 


Latest Magic Updates

ALAKAZAM Tube Park President's Week: Fri & Sat 11-8, Sun-Thu 11-4
Lift Ticket on Fri/Sat = Free Entry to Tube Park

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Upcoming Events

See Events calendar

Check out our Events Calendar to see who is performing this week at the Black Line Tavern. Check out dates for Ski The East Freeride Tour and Black Magic Challenge.

Lodging/Last Minute Deals


ALAKAZAM Tube Park President's Week: Fri & Sat 11-8, Sun-Thu 11-4


Earn Your Turns

If you pass a skier or snowboarder going the wrong way (uphill) at Magic Mountain, don't be alarmed! Magic Mountain will be embracing uphill traffic via Telemark, Alpine touring (randonee), and Split Board Snowboards this season and well into the future. Magic will be offering free access to the mountain for anyone willing to "earn their turns." Magic's classic trails and glades, as well as the backcountry possibilities on the back side of the mountain, make Magic the perfect location to take up this growing segment of skiing and snowboarding.

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