Alpine Updates
Date: 6/23/15 Volume No: 10
Issue: 4


Alpine Update 6/30/15

The mountain is green and growing, but the staff has mowing well in hand.  Except for the last few days, and especially nights, temperatures have been warm.  Last weekend Timber Side held its annual "Friendly Gathering".  They used our ticket office and parking lots then took attendees to the other side with a fleet of buses.  It was more parking than we ever see in the winter.  Well Thrusday was warm and sunny, Friday was warm throughout the day but it got cooler in the evening. Saturday was cool all day and the rain began in the afternoon.  The young people at the concert apparently tried there best to make it a full weekend and their young metabolism likely carried them through it.  When Sunday arrived they had a tow truck to pull cars out of the mud and when I checked on Saturday there was only three vehicles left in our parking areas.  The bigger parking lots with their gravel bases were not affected by the rain but cars parked along the road or in the lower lot seemed to sink to the hubcaps.

The weather reports indicate it will begin to warm up today and by Friday when the Fireworks and Buddies concert are scheduled we should be back to tee shirt temperatures.  As always the town puts on the fireworks and it is the best show in New England or Upstate NY (Tom's opinion.)  The Buddies are a Beatles cover band and they get everybody dancing on the deck.  How they set up is their choice but last year they and the dancers were on the upper deck and the floor shook.  (I did have the engineers check the deck afterwards and it is solid.)

Friday also marks the reopening of the Black Line Tavern.  The bar and food service will be open for the summer season, typically being open Friday evening, Saturday  and Sunday Afternoon.  Timber Quest opened last Saturday so if you have been thinking you'd like to try it or let your youngsters try the course, you can do it then have a hamburger and beer on the sunny deck.

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