Alpine Updates
Date: October 21, 2016 Volume No: 1
Issue: 3



I wanted to communicate with our friends and customers on the status of the ski area purchase by our SKI MAGIC LLC investor group.


As alluded to in the last update two weeks ago, there have been some Due Diligence issues that we have been working through that has delayed the closing on the purchase of Magic by our investor group. A lot has been accomplished since then to resolve the issues before us.


The situation involved some permitting concerns but we have worked closely with the State of Vermont and we have a viable path forward. The important news is that Magic will be open this year and our transaction will be going through with the current ownership. We appreciate the cooperation of the state agencies, local and state elected officials, and current owners in working through these critical issues affecting the future of Magic.


Obviously time is ticking on the new season (snow is even in the forecast!), and we have much work to do for opening by December 17th. We will do the best we can in the limited time we have. There’s lift repair and maintenance as well as snowmaking repair and improvements which have, and will, capture much of our time and capital near-term. While Magic will not be perfect. Magic will be better. And, we have some dedicated future SKI MAGIC employees who have contributed, literally, a lot of time and effort already.


Season passes will go on sale immediately when we close on the transaction which is most likely to occur the week of October 31st. There are some new products designed to make skiing more affordable and accessible, so be sure to check them out. A new work-in-progress website will accompany our launch of these products as well.


In closing, thanks for your patience, and thank you for being a part of Magic’s incredible community and an important part of our future. Back to you soon when the purchase goes through!




Geoff Hatheway


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